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News June 5, 2022

About Watch TV+

Watch TV+ is a project created in React which has millions of movies, series, and people to search. Explore them all! What started as a simple example for my students at Algebra where I work as a front-end development lecturer, turned into a really cool hobby project for me.

Watch TV+ is a website that helps you find all the relevant information about your favorite movies, TV shows, actors, singers, and other famous or notable people. It uses the TMDB API in order to show you all those amazing titles. Every piece of data has been added by its amazing community dating back all the way to 2008.

If you wanna know the numbers, it has over 742.614 movies, 127.890 TV Shows, 199.907 TV Seasons, 3.068.248 TV episodes, 2.410.326 people, and 3.308.196 images. Yeah, that’s a lot of data.

The technology behind the project

The project is created with React – a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, Bootstrap, and React Router. It uses the TMDB API in order to fetch all the required information.

Next steps

I plan to continue to maintain this project and implement new features as time allows. In the meantime, feel free to explore the project at I hope you have as much fun as possible while using it, as I’ve had while coding it. Feel free to send me any feedback via email at [email protected] or by using the contact form on this website. If you have any cool ideas which should be implemented, do let me know as well.

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