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A1 – Internet of Things (iOS Application) – UI Design


As part of my Senior Project at RIT Croatia, I had the opportunity to contribute to the design of the user interface (UI) for the “A1 – Internet of Things” iOS application. Sponsored by A1 Croatia, the app was developed to display data acquired by sensors located in the City of Zagreb, Croatia, measuring air quality (PM particles). Working collaboratively with the development team, I played a key role in designing the UI to effectively present the sensor data to end-users. With a focus on usability and visual appeal, the UI design aimed to provide intuitive navigation and clear visualisation of real-time air quality information. Through iterative design processes and user feedback, I ensured that the iOS application met the requirements of both A1 Croatia and the Senior Development Project course at RIT Croatia.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with the development team and project sponsor to understand requirements and project goals
  • Created wireframes and UI mockups to conceptualise the app’s layout, features, and interactions
  • Designed user-friendly interfaces for displaying sensor data, including visualisations and data representations
  • Conducted usability testing and gathered feedback to iterate on the UI design and improve user experience
  • Worked closely with developers to ensure seamless integration of UI design elements into the iOS application


  • Successfully contributed to the design of the UI for the “A1 – Internet of Things” iOS application, meeting project requirements and stakeholder expectations
  • Received positive feedback from project sponsors and instructors for the usability and effectiveness of the UI design
  • Gained valuable experience in UI design principles, collaboration, and project management through the Senior Project at RIT Croatia