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Chromatica – Album cover

The assignment

“Browse the gallery below to select the Chromatica assets you will use in your design. Using your favorite Adobe creative apps, pull in at least one of your new assets to create your Chromatica.” – Adobe’s Creativity Tour


About the artwork

This digital artwork was created for the @adobecreativecloud contest. Although it seems like it has only a few elements, it has lots of layers that create this galaxy where @ladygaga is being confused, scared, trapped with aliens. At least that’s how I see it. I’ve used pictures of canyons, the sky at night, mountains, etc. to create this image. I hope you like my artwork. I’ve also imagined for the logo to bulge, so you can’t see it because it’s black on a black surface but you can feel it.
Also, that way everyone can experience and feel #chromatica because Chromatica is for everyone. Chromatica is love.