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RIT Croatia: Notebook


Crafted exclusively for the vibrant student community at RIT Croatia, this notebook design embodies creativity, functionality, and school spirit. With careful attention to detail, the RIT Croatia Student Edition notebook offers a versatile canvas for students to jot down lecture notes, sketch ideas, or organise their thoughts. The cover design captures the essence of RIT Croatia’s dynamic campus life, featuring iconic landmarks and vibrant colours that resonate with students’ experiences. Whether used for academic pursuits or personal reflection, the RIT Croatia Student Edition notebook is a cherished companion for students’ educational journey.

Key Features

  • Custom Cover Art: Unique artwork showcasing RIT Croatia’s campus and culture, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Functional Layouts: Diverse page designs catering to note-taking, sketching, task lists, and more.
  • Wire-O Binding: Durable wire-o binding allows for easy flipping and flat writing surfaces.


  • Successfully captured the essence of student life at RIT Croatia through innovative design and vibrant artwork
  • Received enthusiastic feedback from students and faculty for the notebook’s appealing design and practical features
  • Contributed to fostering a sense of community and school pride among RIT Croatia students through branded merchandise