Web accessibility: equal web for everyone

We often see a lot of accessibility options for disabled people in libraries, public institutions, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., but do we see the same approach on web sites? Unfortunately, we do not.

I have decided to change that – at least for all of my web sites. Therefore, from now on, on all web sites that are on skuflic.com or ninoskuflic.com domains or subdomains, you will see a little icon with a person sitting in a wheelchair while holding a computer. That little icon gives disabled people a lot of options to adjust my web content for them.

For example, they can use the screen reader adjustment, text reader, blinks blocking, adjust the contrast and background color so that it can be easily read by a user with a visual impairment.

Those are just some of the options that I have implemented on my web sites, to learn more about all accessibility options, please click here.

I would also like to thank EqualWeb.com for providing this kind of solution and helping bring the web to everyone.



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